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Informal, incidental nature of knowledge sharing in construction projects

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Informal, incidental nature of knowledge sharing in construction projects

Authors: Siva Ekambaram, Hans Petter Krane,

Presented in the 7th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation 2013, Trondheim, Norway.


Construction industry is generally considered as a traditional project-based industry. This traditional nature reflects on management and organizational aspects. As time passes, new challenges and opportunities arise and call for change and improvement. Improving efficiency and effectiveness of construction projects is a topic that has gained importance in the construction industry. There are several ways to achieve this improvement. One way to look at this issue is from the learning perspective. This paper focuses on the role that knowledge sharing and learning can have in carrying out construction projects efficiently. Projects are considered as being unique and temporary. This description may pose a question mark on the relevance and necessity of learning and knowledge sharing in project environments. This paper discusses this issue by using relevant theories and research work. Also, this paper looks at the informal, incidental nature that is related to knowledge sharing and learning, and describes how this informal nature can influence the learning process in the construction projects. It also points out challenges related to achieving benefits from this informal nature of knowledge sharing. The main purpose of this paper is to highlight knowledge sharing and learning possibilities that can be captured and utilized in construction projects, and in this regard address the informal nature of knowledge sharing and learning in construction projects. This paper is based on studies of qualitative nature.