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How Project Manager-Project Owner Interaction Can Work Within and Influence Project Risk Management

Authors: Hans Petter Krane, Nils O. E. Olsson, Asbjørn Rolstadås

Project Management Journal

Volume 43, number 2, April 2012, pages 37-53


Inherent interest conflicts between a project management team and project owner are often neglected in project risk management. Risk management by the project management team basically focuses on project short-term survival, or project success toward handover to the customer, while for the project owner, strategic success should be more important. To see how this takes place in and influences real projects, seven large projects were studied, and interaction in project risk management between the project owners and project management team was examined for each project. The study revealed that the main focus in the studied projects was on operational risks, even within the project owner's set of high-priority risks.

Keywords: risk management;uncertainty management;risk register;project objectives;strategic risks;operational risks

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