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The Art of Creating Information Quality in Project Processes

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Paper presented at IPMA World Congress in Rome, Italy, 2008.


Information is an essential element for all organizations, i.a. facilitating decision-making, individual and organizational learning, innovation, and functioning as a basis for planning, coordinating and carrying out activities. The aim of this paper is to identify and describe the processes involved in creating information elements with highest possible quality in inter¬organisational processes in a temporary value chain. Research has been carried out on four development projects from Norwegian offshore industry using document studies, observations, questionnaires and interviews. The research has resulted in identification of examples of how information elements are created, identification and description of processes producing information products and how these processes are linked together. The research presented in this paper has not been able to identify practical examples of deliberate and well-defined processes for ensuring high information quality. The creation of information is still regarded as a bi-product of physical production rather than a product in itself.