David Hans & Leandro Perez


Senior Consultants, Intersoft Management Systems AS


David Hans

Leandro Perez

Om foredragsholderne:

David Hans - is a senior consultant working for Intersoft Management Systems.  He moved to Norway in 2005 - 8 years of a variety of experiences with different Norwegian project managers, and still learning.  Originally from England, David is an EPM Microsoft solution specialist, and has also managed PMOs in the UK as well as deployments of project management tools across Europe.

Leandro Perez PMP - working for Intersoft as a project management consultant, he moved to Norway in March 2012. He has an IT background as a project manager for the software industry in Argentina. He is a certified Project Management Professional and is getting to know the Norwegian way of carrying out projects.

Hvordan er den norske prosjektlederen?

Om foredraget:

What is it really like to work for a norwegian project manager from a foreign perspective?  And what are norwegian projects really like?  from our experiences there are some interesting differences in how a norwegian project manager think. 

There are certain things we have noticed as fairly common traits for Norwegian project managers, some of them could be negative and some are very positive.