Dr. Martin Steinert



Professor for Engineering and Innovation
Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Martin Steinert

Om foredragsholderen:

Martin Steinert, Ph.D. is Professor of Eng. Design and Innovation at the Department of Eng. Design and Materials at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He teach fuzzy front-end engineering for radical new product/service/system concepts and graduate research seminars for PhDs engaged in topics related to new product design and development. His various research projects are usually multidisciplinary (ME/CS/EE/Neuro- and Cognitive Sc.) and often connected with industry. The aim is to uncover, understand and leverage early stage engineering design paradigms with a special focus onto human-machine/object interactions. Recently he has published in Int. Journal of Product Development, Int. Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation, Journal of Eng. Design and Technology, Int Journal of Design, Int Journal of Eng. Education, Tech. Forecasting and Social Change, Energy Policy, Information Knowledge System Management Journal … Ever since a short stint at MIT and his time as Deputy Director at the Center for Design Research and at the d.research program (Hasso Plattner Design Thinking Research program) at Stanford University, the overarching aim of his research and teaching is to always push the boundaries for Norwegian product development teams so that they will ideate more radical new concepts, faster.


Radical Innovation - How to tame a Skunk Works

Om foredraget:

The Fuzzy Frond End especially for radically or transformative new product and service development poses particular problems and risks, not the least for project management. Due to the aim – think outside the box - outcomes are vague and resource planning often impossible. Why is that so and how shall we deal with it? The potential rewards are huge, failures are sometimes catastrophic yet always insightful. Supporting extreme teams demand a particular approach.