Dr. Aaron Shenhar


Professor of Project Management,
and CEO, SPLWIN Group




Om foredragsholderen:

Dr. Shenhar is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in project management, innovation, and leadership. He holds five academic degrees in engineering and management. He was the first recipient of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Research Achievement Award, and was recently awarded the PMI Fellow Award. After a career in industry, he served as professor at several universities, building and running new programs, in project and technology management. His book, Reinventing Project Management: is the only Harvard-published book in project management.

The Diamond of Innovation:
Planning Projects for Innovation and Success

Om foredraget:

The link between innovation management and project management is still not well understood and many companies have difficulty in innovative projects. Based on a study of over 600 projects we present “The Diamond of Innovation,” which combines the management of innovation and projects in one model. We will distinguish between different types of innovation and show how this distinction impacts project planning and execution. We will demonstrate the model on several famous projects and illustrate how careful planning of innovation can contribute to better project success.