Manuel Oliviera



Senior Scientist, SINTEF Teknologi og samfunn


Manuel Oliviera

Om foredragsholderen:

Manuel Fradinho Oliveira is senior research scientist at SINTEF, where at the moment he is the scientific coordinator of the European Integrated Project TARGET aimed at rapid competence development using serious games. He has written more than 100 publications and recently published “Networked Graphics” about building multi-player games and distributed virtual reality

Fast Track to Stakeholder Management - Using serious games as learning method in project management

Om foredraget:

TARGET aimed to develop a new genre of TEL environment that supports Rapid Competence Development in project management. TARGET takes a strong approach of “learning by doing” where an individual is confronted with stories consisting of a complex situation that requires the use of particular set of competences. The platform also supports social discussion of each learner’s experiences.