Professor George Jergeas


Dr. George Jergeas is a Professor of Project Management (PM) at the University of Calgary.  He is a recognized expert in the fields of construction productivity, cost overrun on oil and gas projects, value improving practices, team building and partnering, claims and disputes, and project delivery.  He was the Director of the Project Management Specialization from 2000-2004. Dr. Jergeas is a Civil Engineer with a MSc and PhD in Construction Management from Loughborough University, UK. Dr. Jergeas joined the University as a full-time academic coming from industry in 1994. During his employment with Revay and Associates, he investigated over 30 construction projects, both in Canada and the USA, experiencing cost overrun and delay. He is a Professional Engineer in Canada who provides extensive PM training to the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists and various other organizations. 

Dr. Jergeas' research interests and activities include:

  • Constructability and value engineering
  • Risk Allocation on construction projects
  • Contracting and legal issues affecting engineering and construction
  • International project management and global competitiveness including team building, cultural issues and logistics
  • Productivity studies
  • Construction claims and disputes
  • Claim avoidance
  • Strategic alliances (partnering)

The Myth of Predictability

Risk navigation strategies for major capital projects 

Om foredraget:

Professor George Jergeas vil ta for seg den nyeste forskningen knyttet til usikkerhetsstyring innen store investeringsprosjekter, og vil presentere en rekke momenter fra sin nyeste bok, som han har skrevet sammen med bl.a. professor Asbjørn Rolstadås. Han vil gi en rekke råd knyttet til hvordan man bør gå frem for å håndtere usikkerhetsstyringen i store investeringsprosjekter.


Her er hva han selv skriver om sitt foredrag: 

As projects have steadily become larger, more complex, and of longer duration, the challenge presented to executive decision-makers has never been greater.  The long history of staggering cost overruns and delays in completion offers little assurance that the cost estimates and schedules presented by project sponsors and engineers can be relied upon. 

But there is a way to improve both the process of capital project investment decision-making, the management of project execution, and the understanding and mitigation of risks.  Fresh thinking is required and some long-held ideas of best practice challenged.  This opens the door to the approach we call Risk Navigation – a way of thinking and managing that allows predictability to be managed and business goals to be achieved.

This presentation will briefly address key elements including extending project risk to include strategic and contextual risks, navigating “The Bermuda Project Risk Triangle”, Governance, Shift in Mindset, PEO, Near-term thinking and Team and alignment process.